Proof that scores and rankings don’t mean shit

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Prom is today

super excited

super nervous

super mad bc my DSLR conked out on me


Throwback to this awesome pic from 2012.

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Santa Clara Vanguard Reupload

Timeline Covers

Color Guard
1989: Phantom of the Opera
2009: Ballet for Martha
2012: Music of the Starry Night


2012: Music of the Starry Night

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Oh my god it’s Saturday, I need a vacation

Ignore the story Sunday thing unless you wanna send something


Something going through my mind. Pacific Crest is the only World Class corps to keep their uniforms consistent since 2009 (no alterations).

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Hey Hey Hey it’s Story Sunday!

I have prom today though, so it’s kinda busy for me trying to get my fro together along with my nails (at least I’m not doing make up though oh, lord)

But send me your band, choir, marching, pep, football, dci, winter drumline, winterguard, or colorguard related stories 


AND I’ll do like a story monday today too

Jatp 2014

So Jazz at the Paw

Is this big concert my school has it’s the biggest yet

It is a concert/3 course meal thing, outside in the quad area of my school

344 people were supposed to go but 400 people ended up going and we usually get at least a thousand dollars profit

the food is usually delicious and like the 90 band kids that are there serving/performing certainly do work extremely hard

I played tenor and bari last night and had my first solo in front of a crowd that big, a few days before I did a disney song at a recital in front of a crowd 1/10 that size 

I wasn’t nervous up until we got on stage and someone yelled at me… but it’s cool :P cough cough phillipdu (thanks for coming btw :P)

The food was delicous, there’s a little “bar” that sells shirley temples, italian soda, and I forgot the third one but it sells an ice tea fusion

I was told that my solo was great so that made me feel ecstatic, but someone said that the jazz band sucked as a whole (compared to previous years where most of the jazzers were upperclassmen) so of course that made me feel like shit for the rest of the night, some of today

Of course some things went wrong it’s totally student run, but it was pretty successful and we learn something new every year (this is the third one)


Now time for picture spam

sorry for the really really really really long text post

Eric Whitacre






"I hate Eric Whitacre! All of his music sucks!!! Why are we even playing thing?! It sounds terrible!" Yeah, fuck you. This song is beautiful.


Met him the other day at dinner with steven bryant

steven bryant is way underrated

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